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Forestry is an investment in New Zealand future – financially, ecologically, and ethically. Sustainable forestry has benefits not just for you, but for the environment and future generations.

The growth potential of the New Zealand pinus radiata plantation forestry and wood processing industry is so huge that many are unable to comprehend it.
So let's put it this way: Soon, our radiata pine forests could be producing as much wood each year as some of the really big players like Sweden, Finland, and Canada. New Zealand has approximately 35 % of the world’s radiata pine production and is second only to Chile which has 36%.



Future Forests are pleased to advise you that we have moved to new premises at 290 Clyde Road, Ilam, since 18th July 2016. 

We would like to assure all shareholders that this move will not affect you as our phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged.

Please note that our new PO Box number will be PO Box 5106, Papanui,Christchurch 8542.



AGM: Wednesday 26th July 2023 at 10.30am


Embers Room

310 Sawyers Arms Road 

Papanui Working Mens Club

310 Sawyers Arms Road